Oct 12, 2022
Fall Fashion Faves | BREPURPOSED
Fall Fashion Faves

Fall has officially arrived and with that comes fall fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and all of its activities. But I feel like the cooler months are when my sense of style really comes out to play. And I’m so excited to be dressing for the fall weather!

I would say my everyday style leans more classic and casual, with a little bit of fun here and there. Because of that, I am not the type that does a huge fall clothing haul or anything like that. I like to work with what I have in my closet from previous years and add a few new pieces that I absolutely love!

There are a few things that catch my eye when I am shopping and determine whether or not I will buy a piece. Number one is quality and comfortability. Is the piece made well and will it hold up in the wash? Is it comfortable to wear for more than just a couple of hours? Number two is versatility and practicality. I think everyone has a few pieces that can only be worn with certain outfits, and a few pieces is ok. But for the majority of my clothes, I like to be able to wear them over and over with different outfits and I want them to be practical. After all, I am chasing three kids around! Number three is details. I like accents like fun buttons or a cute collar. Nothing too showy, but enough to add a special touch to an otherwise simple piece.

I also like dressing for fall because I feel like I can add a layer to my outfit and it adds a little extra style. Vests, cardigans, and light jackets are my go to for this. Some of my favorite things I am looking forward to this season are button ups, boots, and muted tones – because you all know I’m not much of a color person. I will link some of my fall fashion faves!

Fall Fashion Faves

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