Sep 1, 2022
How to Savor Morning Rituals to Have a Better Day

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How to Savor Morning Rituals to Have a Better Day
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Establishing your own morning rituals will help you have a better day. When you make your morning activities a more savored experience, you will find you not only look forward to them, but they will set the trajectory of your day (both in your home and in your own sense of well-being).

A simple rhythm for my morning is to go through a series of activities before I begin work or other tasks of the day. It includes quiet time, making the bed, opening blinds, getting ready for the day, making coffee, tidying up the pillows that the dogs tossed on the floor in the living room, etc.

My coffee ritual is a sacred part of my mornings. It’s not just the caffeine, but an experience I look forward to. That is the key to saving your morning rituals!

Make whatever ordinary morning experiences you have feel like savored activities.

When I make coffee, I love the sound of grinding beans, the gurgling of brewing coffee on the stove, the aroma that fills the air and the gentle sound of pouring coffee into the mug. The steam flows up and then warmth of the mug in my hand and the taste of those first few sips. These are the little things I save. I no longer have any intention of gulping down my coffee quick to get to work, and rarely want to grab it on the go. Nor do I forget about it and let it sit until it’s cold. 🙂 These little rituals become such a significant part of my morning that I don’t want to skip the experience.

How to Savor Morning Rituals to Have a Better Day

Does it take more time to practice and save morning rituals? Even if it adds a few minutes to the morning routine to make my own coffee and savor it, I would still make time for it because it sets the rest of the day in motion. It has taught me to linger in a moment long enough to experience it to the full. Once the coffee has been enjoyed down to the last drop, I can do the next thing and am able to give that my full attention as well.

Nothing in my morning routine takes a lot of time. In fact, I would say each one can almost multiply my time. There are other morning activities I used to rush through or skip altogether because I thought they were unnecessary or too time consuming. What I found after establishing my morning rhythm is that a few moments spent the right way are so worth it.

What I get in return for these morning rituals is far more than the time they take to accomplish them. For example, making the bed offers a sense of order in my morning. I take just a minute to pull up the covers, put a few pretty pillows at the head of the bed and toss a blanket across the foot. It’s an immediate accomplishment with a lasting reward. It brings me peace. A bed that is made reminds me throughout the day that state of our home impacts how I feel. That inspires me to care for our home in other ways.

How to Savor Morning Rituals to Have a Better Day
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Savoring these simple routines get me up and going in the morning and give me a sense of ownership of my day. The world might feel crazy, or work may be hectic, but no matter what the day holds, I begin the morning the same way every day. It’s a feeling of productivity, but also peace. I’m in control over the state of my home and my own well-being, too. Savoring my morning routine does wonders for how I feel throughout the entire day.

I wrote about how life-changing adopting these concepts were to me in my books Love The Home You Have and Make Room for What You Love.

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How to Savor Morning Rituals to Have a Better Day
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How to Savor Morning Rituals to Have a Better Day

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