Sep 7, 2022
9 Ideas for Decorating Your Porch for autumn
autumn porch with pumpkins and lanterns

Porches and patios are getting ready to be covered in warm autumn colors and greet all things pumpkin season. While today I am staying inside with the crazy record breaking heat in Northern California, I am thinking about porches, patios and all things pumpkin. And so, it is all about inspiration. And 9 ideas for autumn porch decorations for whenever you venture outside to start stacking pumpkins.

Autumn Porch – Pile on the pumpkins

The best accessory for indoors and outdoors for autumn? Pumpkins of course. And the more the merriers! I love to pile the pumpkins on the steps, on the decks and anywhere I can get away with adding a few (or a few dozen).

autumn porch with pumpkins

Tip: Use several sizes and shapes of pumpkins to create a charming look. From small baby boo’s to large traditional and squatty flat pumpkins too.

Add a pop of color

white pumpkins on steps

One of my favorite ways to deck the halls for autumn is to bring in rich warm pops of color. For this styling by the barn, I kept the pumpkins neutral- but brought in a colorful maple tree and wreath.

Tip: Use rich golden yellows, burgundy, shades of red, amber and orange and olive to bring a warm feeling for fall.

Set a Wreath on a chair

For a unique look- why not set a wreath on a chair on the porch? Grapevine wreaths are not just for hanging on the door or above the mantle.

autumn wreath on porch

Tip: A vintage chair on the porch is a perfect place for stacking pumpkins or setting a wreath for a charming welcome.

Stack in two or more

pumpkins on steps

Find a few pumpkins that are flat enough to stack on on top of the other. I love to use the heirloom variety and tuck a couple stacks here and there among larger and smaller pumpkins.

Place your chairs around a fire pit

autumn fire pit

A fire to warm up by is not on the agenda currently since it hot yet. But it won’t be long before we are enjoying the crisp air and cozy fire in the evening. Get ready for those autumn nights by the fire by setting up your fire pit area now.

Tip: Place your chairs around the fire pit to create a spot to sit and visit with friends and family. Fill a basket with throws to grab as needed and stack some firewood nearby so you can easily add to the fire.

Add autumn blooms

autumn steps

Especially for early autumn decor, bring in some of those blooms and mingle them with your pumpkins. These purple blooms are allium- but you can use any type of flower and color that inspires you.

Bring on the twinkle

autumn patio fire pit

Those twinkling trees aren’t just for Christmas – we enjoy the ambiance they bring all year long. And for autumn- I like to add some more colorful trees in as well to bring out that rosy glow.

You can see more of this patio styling HERE

Cabbages & Lanterns

This porch is probably my most favorite autumn porch. Those brown cinderella pumpkins, charming lanterns and potted cabbages on the steps were such a pretty look.

Tip: Mix in potted cabbages and add a warm glow with lanterns to give pumpkin covered porches a storybook charm kind of look.

autumn porch

Fill a planter

I also filled these metal urns with clipped foliage and placed a pumpkin on the top. For this look- I used eucalyptus but you can use any foliage or even a potted plant if you prefer. If you are concerned about the weight of a pumpkin- swap a real one with a faux lightweight pumpkin.

autumn wreath on door

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Stay tuned for this year autumn look coming your way.

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