Sep 7, 2022
Fall Burlap and Denim Wreath Front Porch Decor

Looking for a fun and creative way to add some fall flair to your home décor? Look no further than this DIY fall denim wreath craft! This wreath is easy to make and is a great way to recycle old denim jeans that you may have lying around. Plus, it’s a super cute and unique way to decorate for the fall season.

denim and burlap wreath on brick wall

Fall Denim Wreath

Get into the Fall spirit by making this easy and fun upcycled blue jeans wreath! This project is perfect for using up old jeans or denim scraps. It’s a great way to add some Fall color and texture to your home décor too and is super easy to make, so definitely ideal for any level of crafting expertise.

Another great idea is this felt leaf wreath. A perfect addition to your fall front porch decor! With simple upcycled items on hand, you can make gorgeous wreaths to decorate throughout the fall season.

fall wreath on door with glass

Can I Use Fabric Instead of Burlap?

I love the look of burlap and denim together. However, this fall denim wreath can be made with whatever fabric you like. You will want to decide what fabric to use depending on where you are keeping the wreath. Lace would look stunning against the denim but might not hold up well if the wreath is left in the elements.

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If the fabric that you are using doesn’t have a natural stiffness to it, you may want to add some interfacing to the back. This will help the fabric hold its shape and make it easier to work with.
You can also use fabric starch. Spray starch will help it to stay stiff, however, if it is in the rain, the starch will get washed off.

I can see this looking great if made with plaid, holiday-themed felt, or similar unique patterns that would highlight a season or theme and not just the fall or Thanksgiving/harvest look shown.

woman in white shirt and jeans holding denim and burlap wreath

Is This Safe to Stay Outside?

The wreath is safe to keep outside, but as it is exposed to the elements it will become dirty and worn out. It will last for about a year when left out in the weather. It can be placed on the front door. If there is a slight overhang or roof over the door, the wreath will last much longer.

If you are leaving the wreath outside, you can try adding a spray sealer to the fabric. This can add a few more months of life to the fall denim wreath. Just know that denim is pretty durable and easy to wash, but once on the wreath form, it will be harder to clean.

fall wreath on tree

What Other Ways Can I Decorate This Porch Wreath?

Once you have the two pieces of fabric together, you can add some embellishments or leave them plain. Below are some ideas that I love that would work great to customize your wreath a bit more.

  • Use different fall-themed characters. I used a scarecrow but you could add pumpkins, acorns, sunflowers, faux leaves, or dried corn silk. Small gourds can also be added and make this look adorable.
  • Add spooky looks like a ghost, witch, or even a Halloween monster if you want it to be more specifically themed. The same can work for any holiday from Christmas to the 4th of July.
  • Glue or sew beads or sequins onto the denim or burlap edging so that it sparkles in the sunlight.
  • Spray with glitter spray or use glitter paint to add details.
  • Add flowers and a bow instead of the holiday-themed decor along the side.
  • Use a third fabric or ribbon around the center area of ​​the wreath to add yet another dimension to the project.
denim and burlap wreath on wood wall with small scarecrow on side

Supplies Needed

white foam wreath form on table with denim and scarecrow decoration

How to Make a Fall Denim Door Wreath

Start by cutting the leg(s) from an old pair of blue jeans. I started by cutting along the seam, then cutting it off at the top of the leg where it connects with the hip. Then, cut the leg into two pieces, discarding the seam piece.

scissors being used to cut denim

Now, separate the two pieces, and fold them in half lengthwise, individually. Add a bit of glue on the inside of each of these legs, to secure them in half toward the center seam, but leave the cut edges open.

inside out leg of denim pants

Now, you will glue this around the wreath form, creating a ruffle, as it is being glued. Fold it over itself every 1″ to 2″.

hands ruffling denim on top of wreath form

Continue gluing, adding the second leg piece if needed, to cover the entire outer edge of the wreath form.

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Then, repeat this process, but with burlap. Cut two strips of burlap that are around 6″ wide and the same length as the pant legs.

Fold these over lengthwise, individually, and glue them to create two strips that are around 3″ wide but open on the cut end.

hand folding burlap

Now, glue the burlap to the middle of the wreath form, below the denim, but cover the Styrofoam wreath form. You will glue this so that the burlap on the center is partially covering the denim on the outside creating two layers of ruffled fabric.

burlap around middle of denim werath

Once this is in place, go around the wreath and move the open ends around to ruffle the wreath a bit.

Then, use a stapler to connect the burlap to the denim every 3″ to 4″ to keep the ruffles and fluffs out as desired.

hands ruffling burlap and denim wreath on white table

Now, make bows with the yellow and orange ribbons as desired. Glue them together or tie them together.

small yellow bow on top of orange bow above burlap and denim wreath

Then, cut off the end of the decoration (scarecrow) and glue it to the side/edge of the wreath as desired.

scarecrow head being glued to denim wreath by orange and yellow bows

Now, glue the ribbons just made just below the scarecrow decoration. Add a length of twine or ribbon around the top to hang from the door if needed.

fall wreath hanging on brick wall

More Fall Decor Ideas

If you are looking for more ideas to decorate this fall, below are some great ones that I love. Whether it’s a wreath on the porch or something on your mantle, below are more than enough ideas to keep you busy. Make sure that you bookmark the ideas to make them soon, print out the tutorials, or even pin them to Pinterest to make soon.

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Yield: 1

denim and burlap wreath on brick wall

Make a fall burlap and denim wreath with a cute scarecrow to go on the wall or front porch this fall! A cute addition to your decor!

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost


  1. Cut up the side of a leg of blue jeans, along the seam. You will then cut them off at the top of the leg so you now have the legs in two strips cut on each side at the seams. scissors being used to cut denim
  2. Now, separate the two pieces of the pant leg.
  3. And then, for each leg, fold them in half lengthwise over to the other side and then glue them into place so it is held together at the seam but open on the cut side. hot glue being added to denim
  4. Now, glue this around the wreath form, on the upper outside edge, so it is wrapped around it creating a ruffle appearance. hands holding denim onto foam wreath with other hand holding glue gun
  5. Continue gluing all around the wreath form, creating ripples or ruffles every 1″ to 2″. Add the second leg piece if needed to cover the upper outside edge of the entire form. wreath form covered in denim ruffles on white table
  6. Now, cut two strips of burlap that are around 6″ in width and the same length as the pant legs from earlier. woman in pink shirt cutting burlap
  7. Fold each of these strips over and glue to create the thicker 3″ wide strip. hand folding burlap
  8. Now, glue this burlap around the wreath form, in the center area, covering the rest of the open space, and creating ruffles just like you did with the denim pieces earlier. blue hot glue gun held above wreath and burlap strip
  9. Once in place, pull apart the ruffles a bit so they fluff out a bit all around the wreath.
  10. Use a stapler to connect the denim to burlap together every 3″ to 4″ while making sure the ruffles are fluffed out nicely. white and blue stapler being used to attach denim to burlap
  11. Make bows with the yellow and orange ribbon and glue or tie them together. hand holding orange ribbon bow above wreath
  12. Then, glue the scarecrow decoration on one of the sides, toward the bottom, and attach the ribbons just below it. fall burlap and denim wreath with scarecrow on tree


Add leaves, scarecrow, or other typical fall themes to this wreath.

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Finished Project Gallery

denim and burlap wreath hanging on white door with glass panel

Add your own unique fall elements to this wreath to customize for your wall.

fall wreath laying on white table

Such a simple and easy decoration to add to your door!

side of denim and burlap wreath on cream brick wall

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