Sep 13, 2022
Natural Decorating- DIY Hops Wreath & Garland

I am all about simple and sweet over here when it comes to decorating. And this year, I am really loving all the vining things to bring in that woodland kind of feeling. Today it is all about hops and decorating with vines on the coat and in a wreath.

I shared a sneak peek of this on instagram and had so many questions about these that I snapped a few photos to share more. Admittedly a bit over the top for everyday – that is not something I would recommend this for. But this would be perfect for an enchanted woodland type look for a wedding or special occasion with over the top flowers and greenery. I am working on something that involves just that and so, that is why these hops are in the house.

Hops Vines (bines)

These are so much fun I tell you. These hops bines bring all the overgrown, woodsy feelings in an instant. And would you believe that this on the mantle is just one strand of hops? Incredible. It is 15′ long and lush and full and are perfect for using in so many places. I ordered 2 from the SF Flower Mart and was amazed at how full they were when they arrived. I love the way the gold and ghosted glass on the antique mirror brings a glamorous vintage look to the fresh garland.

Tip: Wear long sleeves and gloves when handling hops. They made me so itchy and my arms broke out in a rash after just placing them on the coat.

Where to use them

Special occasion decor can be a bit over the top- so go for it if you like the look! On a mantel, on a table as a centerpiece, over an arch or climbing up the side of a building- there are honestly a ton of places you could use the bines. And you can easily trim smaller sections off to use in arrangements and other things like wreaths.

I added a few sprigs of hops & baby’s breath to this twig wreath in about 5 minutes. So easy and this would look beautiful with some more flowers or a ribbon as well- perfect for your front door.

What to pair with hops

I love the blush and whites mingling with the green. Though- I snapped this when the hops were fairly fresh and vibrant in color. But these will dry to a lovely perfect faded green soon.

I simply tucked a couple dried roses into them to show what it would look like if you wanted to mingle them. As I mentioned, this hops is actually for a different styling that I am working on so these snaps were just while playing for a bit in the cottage.

Where to buy / Things to Know

You may be able to find fresh cut hops through your local floral supplier-usually during August and into September is their availability. There are also a lot of faux varieties.

Things to know: Natural hops do have a bit of a strong smell- they are used for making beer. Some folks don’t like the smell – so faux would be a good option then.

They also are quite messy. I can’t tell you the amount of dirt and hops flowers that came off of these while moving them. Fresh will require a sweep up and mop after install.

And as mentioned- they definitely make you itch- those vines are scratchy and did leave a lot of welts on my forearms and hands that I didn’t notice right away.

And as well- hops are poisonous to cats and dogs- so be careful if using fresh if you have pets in the area you are using them- or stick with the Faux Hops for the look without the worry. Thanks for the info Pamela!

Linking a few affiliate links for faux for the look.

On the Move

I am actually moving them this week to another different spot- what I love about them is that they bring a lush overgrown appearance for special projects and stylings. But on top of that- we are planting some hops plants this fall as well. They are vigorous growers and I could see using them every year in quite a few places.

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