Sep 15, 2022
Pampas Grass – 3 things for a simple autumn table

I found loads and loads of pumpkins the other day. All shapes, colors and sizes but, I didn’t bring any home…yet. I am in the middle of a full schedule on the calendar for photo shoot work this week- and bringing a pile of pumpkins in the house just means more to move out of the way when working so I am waiting yet. But with the crisp mornings- I am definitely feeling fall-ish over here. So even without pumpkins on repeat right now- I have some simple autumn touches with pampas grass, dried flowers and eucalyptus.

Simple Autumn with Pampas Grass

We have talked before about my love of texture in design. Texture adds detail and dimension even when using layers of the same color- like in an all white or neutral design. This year for autumn I am feeling pulled in two directions color palette wise. One is rich and bold and saturated with traditional autumn colors and a bit of aubergine and burgundy mixed in. And the other is soft and subtle with grasses, neutral color pumpkins and layers of texture. I mentioned this pampas grass recently- and thought I would share a closer look at it in the dining room – and how to use just 3 things to create a charming autumn styling on the table.

pampas grass on the table

1. Pampas Grass

A simple and easy centerpiece for the dining room table – this chippy urn filled with pampas grass is a 5 minute idea. You don’t have to have a chippy urn to create a pampas grass centerpiece. This urn is one of the two vintage garden statuary elements I found on marketplace- An old terracotta pot, vase, bucket, etc will all work beautifully as well. For this large size container- I used 5 sets of pampas grass- 50 stems. I linked the exact one that I used here below. From what I understand there are many varieties and colors, fluffiness, etc. so choose which one speaks to you.

pampas grass in chippy urn

Tip: Fill a favorite container with pampas grass for a natural autumn centerpiece. Go big for extra oomph or keep it on the smaller side for a smaller statement.

2. Fresh Figs

I love to bring in a fresh element as well. For this- a few fresh figs are perfect. And setting some of them on a stack of detailed raised pattern plates is even better.

Tip: Add something fresh to your table centerpieces for a layer of warmth and welcoming feeling. You can place them in a bowl, on stacks of plates or simply on the table for a casual look.

close up of figures on the table

3. Texture on Repeat

Another layer of texture is the woven rattan glass ware on the table. Though it is something that is a useful item for serving- it also does double duty by looking pretty on the table.

woven rattan serveware

Tip: Layer on the textures for interest. Texture doesn’t have to be just in the arrangement. Bring it in with elements for serving like patterned plates and charming glassware.

Simple cozy autumn style

pampas grass on the table

Get the Look

What do you think about pampas grass for a table centerpiece? Happy Wednesday all.

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