Oct 4, 2022
Rustic Grape Painted Wine Cork Decor

If you are a regular wine drinker, then you probably already have a collection of corks just waiting to be turned into this cute little craft. A grape painted wine cork decoration is such a fun way to use those old corks to create something fresh and new. Whether you’re looking for a new piece of art or just want to decorate your kitchen, these corks will do the trick. You can put it anywhere you like, from the mantelpiece to a cabinet door. And it makes a great conversation starter at parties!

lady in white sweater holding wine cork grape cluster

Grape Wine Cork Decor

Transform your wine corks into a beautiful grape decoration with just a few supplies and simple steps. This is a fun and easy project that anyone can do and it is perfect for a relaxing afternoon crafting session. When you are done, you have the cutest craft to hang on your cabinets to add a touch of flair to the kitchen or make it to display near the wine cabinet.

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If you have even more corks leftover, don’t hesitate to get started on one of these other fun rustic wine cork crafts. We have everything from a simple classic cork reindeer Christmas ornament all the way to the fun wine cork pumpkin for fall.

round white plate with lavender napkin on top holding a wine cork grape cluster

What Paint Works for Wine Corks?

Wine corks are actually very easy to paint. My go-to choice is regular acrylic craft paint. Any thicker craft paint should work well for this project. You could also use spray paint if covering a lot of cork at one time.

Almost all paints will work on them, but if you want total coverage, you will want to avoid watercolor paints. The watercolor paints will give the corks a stained look and they will not cover the cork. If you want just a hint of color or the stain/glaze look, then use a watercolor option or thin your acrylic with water before applying.

wine cork grape cluster leaned against wine bottle by wine glass at place setting

How Do You Get Wine Corks to Stick Together?

The corks go together easily using strong glue. I prefer to use a hot glue gun, E6000, or super glue. If you have children making this craft, be careful with these glues. The hot glue gun can cause burns. Superglue will bond things quickly, including skin to skin or skin to other objects. Instead, reach for craft glue when working with kids, or take the time to prepare by gluing them before you let kids add the paint.

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purple wine cork grape cluster with green leaves on table by fake fall leaves

How Do You Clean Wine Corks for Crafts?

Corks are actually made from a type of wood and many people do not realize that. Because they are made from wood, you will want to clean it similarly as you would any other wood.

Since they may have had food or wine on them before being used for crafting, you will want to clean them before crafting. I like to simply submerge the cork in a bowl of warm water with 1 teaspoon of bleach. Soak for 30 minutes then rinse well and let them air dry.

You can also soak in a solution of vinegar and water, or even use a bit of dish soap on a cloth and wash off any bits of debris or stain by hand. Just make sure that before you use them in this craft or any other, you let them dry completely.

hands holding cork grape cluster painted purple

How Can I Use This Wine Cork Decor?

I love this cute little grape decoration. It is super versatile and can be hung on cabinets or walls as a random decoration, or can be added to many other arrangements and home decor ideas.

I love the idea of ​​adding a few of these to a simple grapevine wreath form with a few fake vines for a fun wreath. You can also add them to a centerpiece of greenery, or lean against a few wine bottles surrounded by vines for a different table centerpiece.

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I also love adding this grape wine cork decor around where we keep the wine. Whether it is a wine cabinet or a wine shelf or just a corner in the kitchen. It adds a cute touch to the wine station. I can imagine it would be ideal on a table at a party where wine is served or even on the side of a charcuterie board with real grapes!

Place this on your mantle, on the front door, or even hang it on a holiday tree as an ornament. There isn’t much you can’t use this for. Just get creative to let it match your normal home decor or special holiday decor!

fall leaves scrapbook paper with painted cork grape cluster on top

Ways to Customize a Painted Cork Grape Cluster

I am making this wine cork decor simple with just a touch of color. But that doesn’t mean that is all you can do. Below are some other ways that you can make this fit your own decor.

  • Add a layer of glitter or use glitter paint.
  • Glue on sequins or beads around the edges or all over to make it sparkle.
  • You can easily add ribbons in green or purple along with the fake leaves to make a unique vine look.
  • Paint different colors to fit your preferences of decor or to match another winery decor you have on hand.
  • Add just a bit of glitter around the edges of each “grape” to give them dimension.

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purple cork grape cluster in front of fall decor

Supplies Needed

fake leaves corks paint and paintbrush on white table

How to Make a Grape Cluster Painted Wine Cork Decoration

Begin by gathering 8 clean wine corks, your hot glue gun, and glue, some fake leaves or vines, and paint with a small paintbrush.

Line up the corks so you have 2, then 3, then 2, and finally 1 to create a cluster look.

Using hot glue, attach the first two together. Then add the next three in a row above that.

hand holding corks together

Repeat with another two corks and then the final single cork.

corks in grape cluster form on white table

Once they have all been glued together and are secure, begin painting the top of the corks. I added a single layer of purple paint on the top of each cork, but you can paint the entire cork or even spray them if you want.

hand painting corks purple

Once painted, set them aside to dry completely for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

hand painting tops of cork purple

Then, glue 1 to 3 leaves at the top of the cluster so the single cork is facing the bottom with leaves at the other end.

hand gluing fake green leaf on top of wine cork grape cluster

Add glitter, beads, sequins, vines, or any other embellishments wanted, then display.

corks made into grape cluster and painted purple on table

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Yield: 1

round white plate with lavender napkin on top holding a wine cork grape cluster

A few wine corks and paint are all you need to make this adorable grape cluster wine cork decor!

Active Time
10 minutes

Additional Time
30 minutes

Total Time
40 minutes


Estimated Cost


Paint the cork any color you prefer to make your grape cluster unique.

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Finished Project Gallery

painted wine cork grape cluster sitting on plate

This can be painted purple, lavender, red, maroon, or even shades of green or pink.

painted cork grape cluster on table with fake leaves

Add fake vines to the cluster instead of the leaves for a different look.

wine cork grape cluster on white table

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