Oct 10, 2022
Rustic Pinecone Star Christmas Ornament

Create a one-of-a-kind holiday decoration with this easy rustic style pinecone star ornament craft. This festive project is perfect for kids and adults alike. All you need is a few simple supplies, some creativity, and your holiday spirit! I love how this brings the outside into your holiday decorations!

pinecone star ornament on holiday tree with gold ornaments

Pinecone Star Ornament

Capture the magic of the holidays with this easy-to-make rustic ornament! This festive decoration is perfect for adding a touch of winter wonder to your home. All you need are pinecones, paper, glue, and glitter to make this go from a simple backyard item to a gorgeous addition to your tree.

If you are like me and love the idea of ​​using natural elements in your holiday decorating, then this is a great project. It goes along with this nice list of ways to transform pinecones into holiday decor that we gathered in the past. Get outside for a nature walk and create something unique and new for your holiday tree this year!

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glitter pinecone star on table by blue plate

How Should I Remove The Individual Scales From the Pinecone?

When you are making these pinecone star ornaments, you only need to pull out the scales of the pinecone. You can pull them out using your fingers or you can use a pair of pliers to help pull them out. Older pine cones that have had a chance to dry out will be easier to use since the scales will come out easier.

You can also gently tap them against a table to loosen before pulling them out. I like getting the kids to help too! Just give them a bowl and sit them down to work on this while you gather up the rest of your crafting supplies.

light pink holiday paper with candy cane design with pinecone star on top

Should I Clean the Pinecone Before Using?

When you are gathering natural crafting materials from outside, like these pinecones, you will want to clean them. There are a lot of things that can be on the pinecones like fungus, mold, and just dirt in general. There can also be small mites in the pinecones that you definitely don’t want to have in your home. So, yes, cleaning before use is a very important part of the process.

By cleaning the pinecones in a bleach solution or vinegar solution, you can make sure there is nothing unwanted on the pinecones. I just fill a bucket with warm water and a cap of bleach or 1/4-1/2 cup of white vinegar and let them soak for 30-minutes. Then just rinse well and lay it out on a cloth to air dry before using them in this project. Let the pinecones air dry before using them.

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Of course, if you buy them from your craft store, they have already been cleaned, so you can skip this step. When buying from places like Facebook marketplace or Etsy, I still recommend cleaning, just in case the seller did not.

merry christmas holiday paper holding pinecone star

What Ways Can I Decorate This Star?

Want to make this more than just a pinecone star? There are tons of great ways to decorate this and make it look unique for your tree and specific style. Below are some of my favorite ideas.

  • The easiest way to decorate this star is to add some glitter to the edges of each scale. You can also add some white paint to get the same effect.
  • Another option is to paint the pinecone in different colors to match your holiday decor. Red, green, blue, white, gold, and silver are all great ideas that match regular holiday decor.
  • Add some sequins or beads to the scales. You can add it to all of the scales or to just a few.
  • Replace the twine bow with some red or green ribbon or even a ready-made bow at the top.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to make things look just a bit more unique. Match to your existing holiday decor or even to a new theme to make it match your style perfectly.

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glitter star made of pinecones in front of tree

How Should I Hang This From the Tree?

A small loop of twine glued to the back of the star is the perfect rustic way to hang it on the tree. However, you can use anything you prefer for this. If you want a different way to hand this pinecone star ornament, you can use a ribbon. This gives a stunning pop to the ornament. If you want something less obvious like if you are hanging this from somewhere other than your Christmas tree, you can use something like a fishing line. The finishing line is clear which helps it to disappear. This keeps the entire focus on the pinecone star ornament.

Other options include using raffia, string, yarn, or even a classic metal ornament hook. Just use what you have on hand, or match to the colors of glitter or paint you add to the pinecone scales on the star.

glitter pinecone star on paper with snowman decoration

Supplies Needed

white paper with pinecones and blue scissors on purple table

How to Make a Pinecone Star Ornament

Use a star-shaped item or stencil to trace a star onto cardstock or cardboard. Cut out the star and set it aside.

hand holding blue scissors cutting star from paper

Clean and dry the pinecones, then carefully remove the scales from the pinecones.

hand pulling scales off of pinecone

Use glue to attach the scales to the star shape, starting on the outside and working your way inward.

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finger holding scale onto star shape paper

Overlap the scales slightly to give a bit of depth as you continue attaching to the star shape.

pinecone star on purple table with hands holding sides

Once covered, add glue and glitter along the edges of the scale. You can also paint if you prefer.

hand pouring glitter onto edge of pinecone star

Tie a loop of twine and glue it onto the back of the star to hang it from.

hand holding pinecone star with twine loop on back

Then, add a small twine bow on top of the star.

hands putting twine bow on top of pinecone star ornament

Add any additional decorations you want then hang from the tree!

star ornament made of pinecone scales being held in front of tree

More Easy Christmas Ornaments

Christmas time is so much fun to prepare for, and that includes truly unique homemade ornaments. Whether you want something modern, rustic, or a unique idea just for the kids, the list below is great for inspiration. Make sure you bookmark these ideas, pin them to Pinterest boards, or even print out the tutorials and tuck them into your craft box!

Yield: 1

hand holding pinecone ornament in front of holiday tree

Turn ordinary pinecones into an adorable pinecone star ornament using just a few supplies! A great hand-crafted rustic ornament!

Active Time
15 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes


Estimated Cost


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Use any color glitter to make your star ornament sparkle.

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Finished Project Gallery

glitter pinecone star next to blue plate on table

Add colorful glitter to make this sparkle against the lights on your holiday tree.

glitter star ornament on white table

You can even make this 3D by gluing two of the stars back to back!

hand holding glitter pinecone star in front of holiday tree

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