Oct 13, 2022
Slow Living & a bit of tinsel all year

I know what you are probably thinking. Tinsel. In October? Tinsel is for the holidays. For draping on Christmas tree branches and garlands and adding a bit of sparkle magic. And yes, you are exactly right.

But I’m talking about tinsel in the sense of what it brings to those branches.

What About Tinsel

Tinsel is that little shimmer and shine. It glistens as it moves when you walk by and sends flickering beams of light across the room. It is a little extra, a lot of fun and is full of nostalgia and beauty. When I think of tinsel covered Christmas trees, I think of another slice in time. Back when things felt simpler. Slower. More intentional. And it is something that makes a whole room feel magical- even though it is small and quiet.

Tinsel Covered Nostalgia

When you saw that tinsel on the tree shimmering – it was like the tree was smiling at you and you couldn’t help but smile back. Those silver strands dancing away were happy. They added that little bit of something to the tree that nothing else did. Not the ornaments or the lights or even the most festive picks and garlands. Tinsel brought oodles and oodles of magic. Even when the Christmas tree dried up and dropped needles on the floor and there was not much left but a branchy tree – that tinsel draped on those branches was still doing its thing. Still shimmering and dancing with the littlest breeze and bringing a bit of magical beauty to the moment.

You could of course, toss tinsel into your everyday decor to add a little more magic but really, for most of us, tinsel season is the holiday season. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t add a bit of ‘tinsel’ to our homes and ourselves all year long. Because, it isn’t about those strands of silver and gold that we are talking about- it is about the feeling and energy that it brings.

If you are like me, you have probably been feeling pretty mentally exhausted after the past couple of years. And maybe like you have aged 10 years overnight. (I feel you!) And it can really feel overwhelming mentally and that affects you physically as well. So, I have started to notice when I need to slow down and pause to be able to add a little ‘tinsel’ or fuel back to my energy.

Retreating a bit

Recently, I have been pausing when I need a break even in the middle of a project. Starting the day more slowly and winding down a little earlier in the evenings rather than working late. I think sometimes slowing is just what helps to fill that magical energy up again. Sometimes it is working on writing projects, going out for extra walking to burn off extra energy, holding some of our chickens (holding chickens is therapeutic I tell you- I highly recommend it). Getting up early and sipping coffee with the sunrise. Pausing while creating & enjoying before zooming to get it photographed to share. Taking time for a soak in a hot bath in the evenings. Even just a simple quiet few minutes in the middle of the day to sip a cup of tea in the garden. It isn’t that I didn’t do those things before- it is just that I didn’t always make the time to refuel and recharge my energy when I needed to. I would start the day running and work late- and feel like I needed to ‘hurry up and relax’ before bed. Add in the crazy of the past few years and you start to feel super drained mentally.

I realized I needed to give myself permission to slow the roll a bit and notice the ‘tinsel’ moments everyday. It seems my daughter and her slow living blogs and influence have affected me in a good way-implementing some slow living to my schedule has been a game change.

French Cafe breakfast bistro

But back to the tinsel on the tree- after another one of those days recently where it seemed like it was a bombardment of chaos and crazy in the news- I looked at one of those trees we had up on the patio for Christmas photos and tossed a whole box full of those silvery, glistening strands all over the branches. And you know what is even more magical than tinsel on a tree in the house? Tinsel on a tree outdoors in a soft breeze.

So I took a few moments to pause and watch as that tinsel danced in the breeze & smiled at me. And of course, I smiled back.

I know it is a random post today, but just a gentle slow living reminder to anyone who needs to hear it- to take a moment in the busy and enjoy the magic of ‘tinsel’ everyday. On a twinkling tree? Even better.

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Happy Wednesday all.

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