Oct 20, 2022
12 Slow Living Ideas for Early Autumn

Slow Living Autumn

Autumn is a season where all things cozy and home seem to be in abundance. From baking breads & hearty meals to gathering with loved ones, to lighting candles and sitting on the sofa by a fire. It is chunky sweater season, warm flannels and boots – and of course, those of you who enjoy all things pumpkin- it is also pumpkins spice, bread, muffins you name it season. On top of all those things- autumn is also a time for turning inward a bit and enjoying the comforts of home after a busy summer. It is a season of reconnecting to your roots and reenergizing yourself.

Our slow living series has been so popular this year- and I have been embracing starting the day slowly and sipping coffee while watching the sunrise and taking a few moments to recenter myself when I need to. And so, I have asked my daughter to share a few intentional ideas you can do for slowing down during autumn. With the holidays just around the corner, it is important to make sure you find plenty of ways to maintain balance in yourself so that life doesn’t feel so hectic as the holiday season approaches. here are 12 of our favorite ways to practice slow living in your daily routine to nurture yourself and rejuvenate your energy in all that you do.

autumn fire pit

1. Bake more

Baking is one of the easiest ways to practice slow living. There’s nothing quite like filling your house with the fresh smell of cinnamon and spice on a cool autumn day to help you slow down and enjoy all the savory flavors of life.

Let yourself get lost in the art of food, and see what new nourishing recipes you can whip up for yourself and your family.

Caramel Drizzled Apples

2. Take more time to unwind in the evening

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy wrapping up on cozy evenings. Now is the time to cuddle up with some soft blankets, light your favorite candles, and just allow your home to nurture you with restful simplicity. We often forget how rejuvenating just being present without multi-tasking with our phone or the tv can be. Give yourself permission to rest and enjoy the atmosphere without having to accomplish anything in it. If you make this a habit, you’re sure to see just how much you’ve been missing out on by constantly keeping your mind busy. Take a breath, and allow yourself to just simply be.

cozy fireplace in living room

3. Decorate for comfort

To go along with the idea above, another great thing to do for a seasonal change is to update the decor in your house. While decor for the summer might have included fresh florals, sheer curtains, and a more minimalist style, autumn is all about abundance and coziness and creating a comfortable home. Think candles, knitted blankets, soft carpets, and other cozy up pieces.

fireplace in autumn

4. Get outside and enjoy the freshness of the season

Take some time to go for a walk and enjoy the crisp air and colors of the season. Not only is getting outside a great way to ease your mind and connect with the world around you but it is also invigorating for your soul.

5. Enjoy time around the campfire

Autumn fire pits are some of my favorites. The crisp fresh air, the colorful leaves and wrapping up in tartan throws while enjoying the evening by the fire, hot drink in hand. Tell stories, reminisce on memories, or roast some marshmallows, and just enjoy the environment around you. It’s moments like these that truly make slow living what it is and are the ones that will stay with you and your friends and family for a lifetime.

autumn fire pit

6. Forage for goodies outside

Just as how you clip flowers from your garden in the summer to brighten up your home, spend some time outside in the cool autumn air and gather some goodies for your home to invite a more festive and cozy feeling. Whether you use your foraged goodies as mantel decor or as materials for your own hand-crafted wreath–get creative with all the seasonal treasures you find.

Foraged autumn floral arrangement

7. Indulge and save

Too often, we limit ourselves from indulging in seasonal festivities and foods, and those limitations prevent us from truly indulging in our own life. This season, I challenge you to indulge in yourself *a little* and save the moment. Enjoy an extra piece of warm pumpkin bread, have another cup of tea or coffee- but also, indulge more in what you need. Take a few minutes to center yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed. Go for a short walk because it helps you feel more balanced. Enjoy lingering later into the evening with dinner guests and soaking up the moment. Sleep in a little longer or soak in the bath to relax and have dinner a bit later. Give yourself permission to save the moments without feeling guilty.

Rustic bread on table

8. Try new crafting activities

Crafting, sewing and knitting are not only natural stress-relieving activities, but they are also great for helping you to be present with what you’re doing and can be quite mentally rejuvenating for you. Of course, if sewing or knitting isn’t your thing, candle making is another fun crafting activity to take part in during the cool autumn months. Since many of us are likely to be burning candles at this time of year, have some fun with the family and create candles full of all your favorite scents. Candles also make wonderful gifts for the holidays too.


10. Make your own fresh autumn wreath or garland

There’s nothing better than getting lost in a project, and what better way to work alongside the natural beauty of the season than to craft something from it that is entirely your own? This can go along with foraging, as you can collect your own materials right from your backyard to build a garland or wreath that fits your individual style. Getting more in touch with our creative visions and expressing them is all part of living life more fully. Have some fun, try out some of your own DIY ideas this season, and see what fun pieces you can come up with.

slow living table setting autumn

11. Enjoy the fall festivals

Another great way to make the most of the season is to engage in seasonal activities, such as visiting an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Oftentimes, we’re all so busy prepare for the season that we can forget to slow down and enjoy the season. And taking part in the fall festivities that are only around for a limited time is a great way to do that.

Apple Orchard View

12. Read more

Lastly, with the cool weather taking over, we’re all going to be spending more time in the house these next few months, making it a perfect time to pick up a new book. Reading is just one of those activities that allow you to relax and slow down while also keeping engaged. Reading can also be a great way to channel new inspiration in your own creative endeavors. Allow yourself to get swept away in a beautiful story this season without rushing.

antique books in cupboard

Slow living isn’t about changing your decor or sitting in silence for a few minutes a day; it’s about living your life in a more intentional way that rejuvenates you 24/7. This helps create a more focused and intentional way of living that nourishes you all year long.

I hope this gives you some ideas of how to slow down and save autumn a bit more. You can read more of our Slow Living Series Here & Here

Happy Monday all.

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