Sep 5, 2022
Animal Themed Carousel Diaper Cake Baby Shower Gift

If you are looking for a creative way to make a baby shower gift, this carousel diaper cake is a fun way to add something unique! Animal themed, easy to make, and perfect for any new mom, it’s a great choice. Customize this with your party theme and the colors preferred for the baby’s gender. Whether this is a gift or used as a decoration, you’ll love how it looks on that baby shower gift table.

Diaper cake on gray chair

Animal Theme Carousel Diaper Cake

I’ve always been a huge fan of diaper cakes for giving as gifts. They are both fun and useful. That makes them ideal for any shower. You can use them to decorate the gift tables or as a centerpiece on the buffet table. It’s easy to make them ideal for gifting with not just tons of diapers but also things like toys, baby clothing, bath supplies, or any number of needed items for baby and mom.

Since you use diapers for this cake, you can gift multiple sizes or stick with just one size diaper. I like using a few different sizes for the different levels of the cake so I know the new mom will have some on hand at each transition in growth.

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Carousel diaper cake on white table

How Many Diapers Do I Need to Make This Cake?

The number of diapers will depend upon how large you make the carousel but also how large the diapers themselves are. With smaller sizes you will need more diapers. Larger sizes will use fewer as they take up more space.

I usually recommend including one full pack of diapers per cake, at the minimum. Most come in package counts around 24-25 diapers in the smallest packs, so this is a good start for a cake and for a gift. You can always add additional full packages of diapers as part of your gift.

Woman holding carousel diaper cake

Variations of a Carousel Theme

While I used animals in this example, you can use any of them you prefer. Some ideas would be to stick with variations of a single animal, using specific Disney characters, safari animals, or more. I love using things like a recent movie theme or even a favorite sport that the parents enjoy.

You can also ask the new mom what their nursery colors and themes will be and match to that. It’s a great way to add useful items like receiving blankets, toys, sheets, and clothing to match the theme right into the decorations of the diaper cake.

Carousel diaper cake on white table

What Gifts Can I Add to the Carousel?

When you are deciding the theme of your carousel, you can add small gifts that fit that theme. Some things I like are pacifiers, rattles, baby bottles, stuffed animals, blankets, wash cloths, and baby shampoo. Additional baby clothing, towels, carriers, wraps, and similar can be rolled up and added around the base of the carousel.

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Another fun thing you can do is to add items for the new parents. Popular additions include single shot sized bottles of wine or alcohol, granola bars, chocolate candy, peanut butter crackers, bags of herbal tea, k-cups, or gourmet coffee. Additional useful items are ibuprofen, Tylenol, antacids, and even things like aloe for the new mom to use on those post birth tender areas.

My favorites also include self-care options like lotions, body wash, bubble bath, nail polish, magazines, a new book, or even a favorite movie. Plus, you can add in a few “coupons” for free babysitting, house cleaning, or meals delivered. Gift cards are also great for adding to the gift. Restaurant cards are always welcome but consider local stores for groceries, Walmart, Target, or even local dollar stores for diapers or formula.

Close up of middle of carousel

Supplies Needed

Supplies for carousel diaper cake

How to Make a Carousel Diaper Cake

Measure and cut brown shelf liner the size of the cardboard tube.

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Attach the shelf liner to the tube and smooth down.

Covering cardboard tube in paper

Starting at one end of the tube, glue and wrap the polka dot ribbon to the tube winding it into a spiral with space between the ribbon.

Wrapping cardboard tube in ribbon

Attach on the end.

Cutting ribbon on end of tube

Using a large bowl, trace a circle onto the yellow poster board.

Cut out the yellow circle and set aside.

cutting yellow circle

Using a large shallow bowl, stack diapers side by side until the entire bowl is filled.

Adding diapers to large container

Adding diapers to large container

Stick the wrapped cardboard tube into the center of the diaper stack.

Putting tube in middle of diapers

Slide a piece of white ribbon inside the bowl around the outside edge of the diapers and tie to secure.

Remove the bowl leaving the diapers stacked together and wrapped together with the ribbon.

Putting tube in middle of diapers

Cut a length of blue paper and wrap around the outside of the diaper ring.

Wrapping blue tissue paper around diapers

Glue a strip of yellow ribbon around the center of the blue paper.

Adding yellow ribbon to diapers

Add a skewer through the top of the tube.

Adding skewer on cardboard tube

Cut a slit into the yellow circle from the side to center.

Cutting slit in yellow cardboard

Fold it over forming a “hat” that is slightly umbrella in shape.

Making carousel top with yellow paper

Place glue onto the skewer, then secure the yellow top to the skewer.

Placing top onto tube

Cut the blue glitter foam paper into strips and add scalloped edges, then attach all around the bottom of the yellow top.

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Adding blue trim to carousel top

Using thin blue ribbon, add in a spiral around all of the skewers.

Wrapping skewer in ribbon

Place the skewers onto the outside edge of the diaper ring and glue in place on the edge of the yellow top of the carousel.

Placing skewers onto diaper base

Attach animal stickers onto the skewer “bars”.

Adding decorations to carousel polish

Place baby gifts on top of the diapers.

Adding toys to diaper cake

Add any additional decorations or gifts before gifting.

Woman holding carousel diaper cake

More Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Crafting Tips

I love grabbing foam animal stickers when I can to have on hand for projects like this. It makes it so easy to just peel the backing off and add them to the carousel bars!

Yield: 1

Carousel diaper cake on

Follow a simple video tutorial for creating this cute diaper cake carousel with just a few diapers, ribbon, and your favorite baby toys!

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost


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Use any colors you prefer for this carousel to make it fit your baby shower decor and color scheme.

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Carousel diaper cake on white table

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Carousel diaper cake on white table

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