Sep 30, 2022
Creating family art with doodle a day October

September 30, 2022

I’m so excited, because this week we are going to make a start on creating some family art with doodle a day October.

Creating family art with doodle a day October

What is doodle a day October?

Doodle a day October is part of an ongoing monthly prompt challenge. Created by illustrator Rhianna Wurman, the idea is to encourage everyone to get a bit creative and have some doodle fun! Here are the prompts for doodle a day October:

So many cute ideas!

Creating our family art piece

We love getting creative in October with our makes and bakes (did you catch our ghost bananas?!). So, the doodle a day October prompt challenge seems like the perfect opportunity to make something together as a family, that will be a bit of a keepsake too.

We were gifted some canvas’s from Uncle Button a while ago – thank you Brad! Everyday in October we are each going to doodle one of the prompts onto the canvas using sharpies. How easy is that?

Creating family art with doodle a day October

By tomorrow evening, our canvas should hold three doodles of cider! Well, maybe 2 ciders and 1 apple doodle by Little Button hehe!

Fancy joining in?

So we stick with it, I’m going to do a blog post at the end of each week to show our progress. And, by the end of October our canvas should be filled with 93 doodles!!!! Wow, how cool is that.

If you’d like to join in, head over to Instagram and tag your doodles with the official hashtag #doodleadayoct and you can even tag us in if you fancy it. OR, if you are not on Instagram, you could also do a blog post of your doodles each week like we are, and link it up to the #DreamTeam linky.

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Creating family art with doodle a day October

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