Sep 4, 2022
Weekend View – French Country Cottage

Welcome to the weekend view.

This week is all about new babies, Paris and pretty things.

Baby Silkies

While we were in Europe working and playing- my daughter was staying at the house to watch all the animals for us. She face-timed us one morning to show us what she found when she opened the barn- a wee baby silkie. Followed by a second the next day and then 2 more. The hens have been broody- and are broody yet – and there are a few more eggs they are sitting on currently. Will keep you updated on if any more babies join the flock. And proper photos coming your way too.


If you have been following along on instagram – you know that I was in Paris working this past week. A couple of photo shoots involving flowers and a twinkling Christmas tree. We wrapped up work and hosted a giveaway for local followers for the Christmas tree and other elements. It was a bit tricky navigating the pickup and delivery of such large items abroad – especially when they sent them to a pick up spot instead of where they were supposed to go. But it was an adventure and was such an amazing thing to be doing a photoshoot surrounded by so much inspiration in one of my favorite places.

Breakfast tables

I worked on several side projects as well and one was shooting several different food set ups on the table. We wandered the markets and loaded up on fresh fruits and pastries to photograph (and enjoy) and I made use of them while working for a couple separate projects for the blog as well. Stay tuned for those coming your way.


Short and sweet this week since it has been a week full of travel and time changes so I didn’t get as much done as usual. But coming your way next week, the next stop in the Cotswolds along with a few things that we learned while there. And since it is September- that means it is all about autumn and lots of inspiration coming your way. This week it is supposed to be 105-110 aka ridiculously HOT so thinking about chillier temperatures and cozy autumn sounds pretty good about now.

A couple for the road:

Here are 7 Creative Crafts for fall

This roasted garlic caprese sandwich might need to be on repeat.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone.

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